Hiking Through the Atlas

Hiking Through the Atlas – 3 Days

The highest peak of North Africa.

Day 1. Ouirgane to Tizian – 6 Hours

For this Program : Hiking Through the Atlas, Setting off from Ouirgane Valley towards the east. This trek follow the Azzaden river through the berber villages of Anraz, Torord and Tassa Ouirgane. Then catch the wild National Parc of Toubkal, and hike on the side if the river then above the terraces gardens of the village of Azerfsan. After 3 hours of hiking, set for a picnic lunch on the river near water, under the walnuts. After lunch, heading up through the goats paths that will lead us to the village of Tizian where we will be welcomed for tea with dinner and a typical accommodation.

Hiking Through the Atlas

Day 2. Tizian to Assif Zegzaoun – 6 Hours

After breakfast, heading up to Tizi, the pass in Berber language, then catch the plateau of Takharkhourt after 3 hours hiking, the plateau is nice place to set for a picnic lunch with wonderful view. Heading down through the long stream towards the village of Assif zegzaoun for another overnight with the locals.

Day 3. Assif to Ouirgane – 5 Hours

After breakfast we set off hiking down through the oak forest trees enjoying the view of the Nfiss river then the Ouirgane lack. After 2 hours of hiking get to see these camps of goats called Azib, where the goats of the village Tikhfist ,that located not far from the place, where they camp with their huge groups of goats in summer times. Then heading down through the village and the its gardens of almonds and seasonal vegetables. Get a an open view for the all valley of Ouirgane and its villages, then start hiking to catch the village of Anraz for late lunch after 4 hours of hikes. The lunch today will be with local family in a very good typical terrace. After lunch we go on the hike for around one more hour to get to the end of the trip in Marigha, the salty river.